>> Save time on routine examinations <<

  • Simplify and objectify pupillary assessment
  • Examiner-independent results
  • Accurate measurements under all circumstances
  • Follow-up between shift changes

>> QPi Score <<

NeruroLight pupillometer
Quantitative Pupillometry Index

The QPi is the score allowing a quick interpretation of the pupillary light reflex of patients.

Pupil reactivity

>> Automated Quantitative Pupillometry <<

  • Precise measurement of pupil size (miosis/mydriasis)
  • Quantitative measurement of the Quantitative Pupillary Light Reflex (QPi Score)
  • Detection of anisocoria
  • Visualisation of trends for early change detection

>> Beyond Pupil Examinations <<

  • Neurological diagnosis of critically ill patients
  • Monitoring after primary and secondary brain injuries
  • Prognosis after cardiac arrest
  • Non-invasive Intracranial Pressure Monitoring
  • Triage and Assessment Tool

>> Designed for daily practice in ICU <<

The NeuroLight is suitable for use in Intensive Care Units, Neuro-ICUs and Emergency departments.

  • Easy-to-use device
  • Mobile and rechargeable
  • Traceability and data transfer
  • No proprietary consumables

>> Video <<

>> Technical Data <<


  • Pupillary size measurement
  • Photomotor reflex measurement
  • Trend curve
  • Suggestion for interpretation


  • Absolute measurements without calibration
  • Wireless charging station
  • Patient identification by barcode reading
  • Reusable or disposable eyecup

Standards and safety

  • EN60601-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment)
  • IEC 62471 (Infrared light)
  • CE 2a class marking (CE 0459)
  • Latex Free


  • Real-time measurement
  • 320 Lux flash of light
  • 0,1 mm precision
  • Data transfer
  • Eyecup opaque to ambient light

>> References <<

1. Neurological examination of critically ill patients: a pragmatic approach. Report of an ESICM expert panel. Intensive Care Med. 2014 Sharshar T, Bruder NJ, Velly LJ et al.
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